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18th Forum:

Telemedicine’s Role in Ukraine and Beyond


June 28, 2022

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

The 18th forum will be held virtually.


11:00-12:00 PM   Session

                           "Telemedicine's Role in Ukraine and Beyond"


The ongoing fight for Ukraine instigated by Russia’s invasion has wrought immeasurable damage to the people of Ukraine and the world at large.  The war has displaced millions across Europe and has contributed to an appalling level of casualties as Russian aggression continues.  Many Ukrainians have been killed; others have sustained serious injuries from indiscriminate shelling of their cities, including attacks on hospitals, homes, and churches.  Survivors face a crippling lack of medications and medical equipment because the war has cut off supply chains. With support from around the globe pouring in through mechanisms such as humanitarian aid and increasing economic pressure on Russia, some healthcare professionals have found a unique avenue for aiding the Ukrainian populace through remote communication.


CTeL, an organization dedicated to the development and support of telehealth, has founded an initiative called Telehealth4Ukraine by forming a task force made up of dozens of experts and KOLs in the telehealth field.  Their task is to increase accessibility to telemedicine for the people of Ukraine, while navigating complex logistics and policy issues inherent in offering advice and care from thousands of miles away.  The 18th New York Health Forum is dedicated to highlighting their ongoing efforts and raises the question how the development of aid under current extraordinary circumstances can serve as robust infrastructure for future inevitable humanitarian crises.

  • Joseph McMenamin, MD, JD, (Moderator) | EVP, W Medical Strategy Group 

  • Bryan Arkwright | Chief Officer, Cromford Health 

  • Milton Cheen, Ph.D. CEO and Co-Founder, VSee

  • Leo J Wolansky, MD | President and Board of Directors, Ukrainian Medical Association of North America

  • Vadym Terentyuk, MD, PhD | Chief of Project Department of State Enterprise (E-Health),                                                                                               Lead of Telemedicine Project of MoH

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Joseph McMenamin, MD, JD

EVP, W Medical Strategy Group


Joseph (Joe) P. McMenamin is an Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer with W Medical Strategy Group. He has more than 20 years of experience in defending pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies in state and federal court. He also advises clients on managing risks related to telemedicine, corporate use of the internet, social media, communications between life science companies and physicians, compliance with FDA regulations.

bryan arkwright.jpeg

Bryan Arkwright

Chief Research Officer, Cromford Health

Bryan T. Arkwright is a trusted thought leader, researcher, and startup advisor in healthcare information technology. Bryan is a Principal with Impact Advisor, Founder and Chief Research Officer of Cromford Health, Adjunct Faculty with Ohio University and Wake Forest University School of Law, and on the Editorial Board for the peer reviewed journal Telehealth and Medicine Today. Bryan has served in the past as the Vice President of Innovation at a large national physician staffing company, and prior to that led telehealth at Wake Forest Baptist Health and Mission Health. He additionally began advising large hospitals and health systems regarding telehealth beginning in 2011, often serving as an advisor or interim executive leadership accountable for introducing and scaling telehealth and digital health initiatives across complex integrated delivery systems in the US and Internationally. Bryan has published over 30 different Telehealth and Digital Health focused articles, research papers, and book chapters and speaks nationally and internationally 5-8 times per year. Bryan’s international experience includes pro-bono and paid work in Mexico, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Morocco, India, France, Kosovo, Israel, Poland, and Ukraine.

Bryan has a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio University, a Master of Health Administration from Medical

College of Virginia / VCU, and a Six Sigma Black Belt from the American Society for Quality.

milteon chen.jpeg

Milton Chen, Ph.D

Co-founder and CEO, VSee 

Dr. Milton Chen is the cofounder and CEO of VSee, the only video telehealth software good enough for the NASA International Space Station and Return to Moon Mission. VSee is used by TelaDoc, Optum, McKesson, Quest Diagnostics, etc. Dr. Chen is also the co-author of XMPP Video Standard (XMPP is used by Facebook and Google). Dr. Chen did his PhD at Stanford University on the design of video collaboration - the science of creating trust via video. Dr. Chen has deployed VSee for Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, the rock band Linkin Park, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, and President Obama's Inauguration. Milton has traveled to over 50 countries on telemedicine volunteer work - including three times to Iraq and Syria. Milton is currently an advisor to the Ukraine Ministry of Health and VSee operates numerous telehealth workflows inside Ukraine.

leo wolansky.jpeg

Leo J Wolansky, MD

President and Board of Directors, Ukrainian Medical Association of North America

Dr. Wolansky is widely known for his neuroimaging expertise, creativity and innovative thinking. Wolansky’s neuroimaging research has focused on enhancing understanding of multiple sclerosis, brain tumors and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents, making sure patient safety is guaranteed. Also, he has recently published on the use of “computer assisted diagnosis” to improve diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

vadym terentyuk.jpeg

Vadym Terentyuk, MD, PhD

Chief of Project Department of State Enterprise (E-Health),   Lead of Telemedicine Project of MoH                          

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