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3rd Forum:

Future is Now: The Era of Mobile Health

May 21, 2015
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Explorer's Club


12:30-1:00 PM    Network Reception  


1:00-1:15 PM       Opening 

DoHyun Cho, PhD

CEO and President, W Medical Strategy Group / Chairman, New York Health Forum


1:15-2:30 PM      Session 1 

"Current Status, Challenges, and Opportunities of Mobile Health"

  • Joe McMenamin, MD, JD, EVP, W Medical Strategy Group

  • Paula Wilson, President, Join Commission International (JCI)

  • Les Funtleyder, MPH (Portfolio Manager, Esquared Asset Management)

  • Geoffrey Kaiser, JD, Partner, Rivkin Raddler LLP, former Federal Prosecutor

  • Mark Pazton, JD, EVP, W Medical Strategy Group


2:30-3:00 PM    Networking Break


3:00-3:10 PM     Special Remark

Chun S. Hyun, MD, PhD

President of World Korean Medical Organization

"Mobile Health: Increased Access to Care"


3:10-4:20 PM     Session 2

"Patient Engagement in mHealth"

  • Kimberly Ha, Senior Director, FTI Consulting (Moderator)

  • Unity Stoakes, Co-founder and President, StartUp Health

  • Kevin Kumler, MBA, Vice President, ZocDoc

  • Kara Dennis, Managing Director, Medidata

  • Kathy Driscoll, RN, CCM, Strategic Executive, Hamana


DoHyun Cho, PhD

CEO and President, W Medical Strategy Group | Chairman, New York Health Forum

DoHyun Cho is currently the President and CEO of W Medical Strategy Group. Before current position, DoHyun was the Director General of a Korean government agency, KHIDI’s USA operation in New York for several years. He served as the Advisory Member for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Harmonization Center, Korean government delegate for APEC LSIF, a representative for Korea-US Business Council, Steering Committee member for Korean American Chamber of Commerce.


Moderator: Joe McMenamin, MD, JD

Executive Vice President, W Medical Strategy Group


Joe McMenamin is the Chief Legal Officer of W Medical Strategy Group. He has more than 25 years of experience in defending biotech, pharmaceutical and other healthcare organizations against a variety of allegations in state and federal court.

Paula Wilson.png

Paula Wilson

President, Joint Commission International (JCI)


Paula Wilson has more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry. Most recently, she provided management and strategic planning expertise as a consultant to public, nonprofit and private organizations. She was previously the vice president for policy at the United Hospital Fund, leading efforts to shape public policy changes related to insurance coverage, health care financing, and Medicaid.


Les Funtleyder, MPH

Portfolio Manager, E Squared Asset Management


Les Funtleyder is currently a portfolio manager at E Squared Asset Management. He is an experienced healthcare investor and analyst with a track record of significant positive returns across Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technology, Managed Care, Hospitals and other facilities, and Healthcare Information Technology utilizing public equity, private equity, and debt. He has served as a speaker and resource to media, policymakers, and corporations on the intersection of investing, health policy and innovation. Les is the author of Healthcare Investing: Profiting from the New World of Pharma, Biotech, and Health-Care Services (McGraw Hill, 2009).

Geoffrey Kaiser.png

Geoffrey Kaiser, JD

Partner, Rivkin Raddler LLP, Former Federal Prosecutor


Geoffrey Kaiser has extensive experience in the healthcare industry. Previously, he served for nearly 10 years in the Criminal Divisions of the U.S. Attorney’s Office directing numerous white collar investigations and prosecutions, including with respect to health care fraud, bank fraud and etc.


Mark S. Paxton, JD

Executive Vice President, W Medical Strategy Group


Mark S. Paxton is an Executive Vice President for W Medical Strategy Group. He was a Compliance officer of the US Food and Drug Administration and also served as Vice-President at PhRMA. Currently, he serves as editorial board member of World Korean Medical Journal.

kimberly ha.jpeg

Moderator: Kimberly Ha

Senior Director, FTI Consulting


Kimberly Ha is currently Senior Director at FTI Consulting, Strategic Communications. Her focus area is Capital Markets and Healthcare. She was previously Global Editor for BioPharm Insight, an independent business intelligence product launched by the Financial Times Group. Kimberly has been a panelist and moderator at major healthcare conferences and events.

Unity Stoakes.png

Unity Stoakes

Co-founder and President, StartUp, Health


Unity Stoakes is the President and Co-founder of StartUp Health Academy, its flagship coaching program and trusted peer network, includes 165 entrepreneurs from 84 companies in 7 countries and 45 cities. Unity Stoakes is one a mission to transform healthcare by leveraging the power of innovation, technology, data, design, and community.

Kevin Kumler.png

Kevin Kumler, MBA

Vice President, ZocDoc


Kevin Kumler is Vice President of Health Systems at ZocDoc, leading the company’s hospitals and health systems business, which has doubled under his leadership. He brings 15 years of experience to hospital and health system clients - applying his entrepreneurial spirit and deep healthcare industry knowledge to help clients improve their patients’ experience while growing their revenues.

Kara Dennis.png

Kara Dennis, MBA

Managing Director, Medidata


Kara Dennis leads Medidata’s mobile health (or mHealth) business - a key emerging business at Medidata. Prior to assuming this role in 2015, She was Medidata’s chief of staff, where she worked with the CEO and president to identify and define the company’s priority strategic initiatives advancing clinical trials.

Kathy Driscoll.jpg_ver=2016-03-17-101243

Kathy Driscoll, RN, CCM

Strategic Executive, Humana


Kathy Driscoll is Chief of Operations at Humana Cares / SeniorBridge. With more than 20 years experience in the healthcare field including 12 years in the care management space with SeniorBridge, her enthusiasm and passion for healthcare have allowed her to make a difference in many lives.

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