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Virtual New York Health Forum: “Investing in Space – Next Frontier of Healthcare”

W Medical Strategy Group Announces Virtual New York Health Forum: “Investing in Space – Next Frontier of Healthcare” on March 16

About 15th New York Health Forum


W Medical Strategy Group, a healthcare consulting firm focused on cross-border business transactions, is hosting an upcoming virtual webinar for its New York Health Forum series on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

Details of the virtual panel are below:

Title: Investing in Space – Next Frontier of Healthcare

Date/Time: March 16, 2021, 12PM - 1PM EST

Moderator: Kimberly Ha, CEO at KKH Advisors


  • Dr. Cherly A. Nickerson, Professor at Arizona State University

  • Dr. Mark Ott, Microbiology Lead at Johnson Space Center at NASA

  • Dr. Ji Sun Park, Senior Scientist at Enzychem Lifesciences

“I look forward to discussions by thought leaders that lead the way to accelerate progress against space radiation and other space-related health threats in this virtual panel,” said DoHyun Cho, Ph.D., Chairman of New York Health Forum. “We are inspired by the industry’s efforts to move forward in space exploration. In this science forum, we hope to explore areas that are not frequently discussed, to support astronauts and space-related health and wellness during deep space missions.

Complimentary registration is available to executives in the biotech and space industry, investors, media and academia via the registration link here.

About New York Health Forum

Since 2014, New York Health Forum (NYHF) remains committed to amplifying the life sciences industry’s efforts to develop solutions for patients and lead the discussions on disruptive innovation and continued progress.

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