ew York Health Forum was founded to strengthen healthcare partnerships and knowledge sharing around the world, supporting innovation and collaboration in global medicine and life sciences. Following the motto scientia potentia est (“knowledge is power”), the NYHF brings together knowledge from industry experts, academia, medical and research facilities, service providers, financial investors, as well as policymakers to further the scope of healthcare. Expert knowledge has fueled unparalleled development of the health industry, and moreover has empowered the growth of one of the most rapidly changing fields of the 21st century. 

Past 15th Forum
"Investing in Space - Next Frontier of Healthcare"

15th Virtual Forum was successfully held where experts came together to discuss advances in technology and new areas of drug development focused on space travel


How COVID-19 Has Reshaped Healthcare Investment


Future of Health: Trends for Life Sciences in 2020


Sustainable Ecosystem for Bio / MedTech Startups

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