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Health Equity Award

The post-COVID-19 pandemic world has revealed deepening disease disparities, and this urgent issue has become a critical socio-political factor affecting the well-being of the public, a major concern to be addressed by healthcare leaders and politicians globally.


Equal access to healthcare builds healthy individuals and a strong foundation for a thriving society. Reducing healthcare disparities is a monumental task that requires stakeholders from the healthcare industry, government, and community organizations, along with dedicated individuals, to work together.


With this belief, the NYHF Award recognizes and celebrates outstanding efforts made by individuals or organizations in this regard. It promotes the work of healthcare pioneers, both organizations and individuals, whose mission and practices have made a difference in reducing health disparities in the world. The award is administered by the New York Health Forum (NYHF) Award Committee.

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Mission & Purpose

To celebrate the work of individuals in their effort to reduce health disparities in healthcare and communities.


Performance including work factors such as quality, productivity, timeliness, cost reduction, or improved service to the public.

Actions including special projects, overcoming unusual or difficult circumstances, or problem-solving using extraordinary methods or insight.

Inspirational Initiatives in developing new approaches or procedures,
innovations that improve effectiveness, creative work on a specific project,
efforts beyond the call of duty and beyond the scope of the position.



kyoung ryul lee.jpeg

Kyoung Ryul Lee, MD, PhD


Hanaro Medical Foundation

The 1st NYHF Health Equity Award Recipient

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